bamboo flooring and large production

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bamboo flooring and large production

xiao1236 xiao1236
bamboo flooring joint venture agreement to congratulate. And pointed out that the signing of the agreement is the development of Jiangxi bamboo industry, to expand the Jiangxi bamboo flooring and bamboo products export a new starting point,[url=]Wood Plastic Wall Panel Supplier[/url] and now the cooperation is only the beginning of the two sides in the future cooperation, property rights, equity conversion and other aspects of deepening Win-win situation. Wei Yunhua stressed that cooperation between the two sides should be mutually beneficial, between each other to be generous, to unity, to humility, which is doing a good job of bamboo flooring joint marketing cooperation basis.
Hope Wuyuan county, the county government in the resources, investment environment, etc. to give the peak company support, the peak company to ensure the quality of bamboo flooring and large production. This is an important work of the Bamboo Industry Association, the president,[url=]Using WPC Material for Outdoor Flooring[/url] the chairman to vigorously support and actively participate. Provincial Office in order to become bigger and stronger in our province's bamboo industry, will be given support from all aspects, we have more than Zhejiang marketing thinking and ambition.Recently, Fengxin County, an annual output of 400,000 square meters crystal series bamboo flooring production line put
into operation, the project by the Jiangxi Songtao Bamboo Industry Co., Ltd. invested 35.1 million yuan to build, reached the standard after the annual sales income of 46.89 million yuan, profits and taxes 8.91 million Yuan, driven by 12,000 acres of bamboo forest construction,[url=]Buying Wood Plastic Decking[/url] bamboo production area more than 800 farmers can receive 15 million yuan. Jiangxi Songtao Bamboo Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional production of bamboo flooring and has the right to import and export enterprises, the company is located in the rich bamboo resources and enjoy the "China's bamboo town," Jiangxi Fengxin. "Zhutao" brand bamboo flooring selection
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