authority of the flooring industry

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authority of the flooring industry

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Consumers believe that in this type of brand in general can provide consumers with high quality products. The "workshop" is the use of consumer confidence in these brands,[url=]Colors and Types of Wood Plastic Flooring[/url] to deceive consumers feelings. These floors in the packaging not only do not indicate the brand and trademark and even no origin. In the brand store, in the "pearl treasure" brand floor under the cover, these "fish head" to be linger. Especially the bottom: 1, white packaging on the small label --- With the further strengthening of awareness of rights, consumers for white packaging more and more problems. So the business will be in the white packaging on a humble little label. But in
this little label, but can not express the consumer should know the origin, production time, specifications, the implementation of standards and to facilitate the quality control of the batch number, color and so on. Assuming that these basic information are not, manufacturers and how to determine the floor to "formaldehyde emission standards" and other countries mandatory requirements of the 12 technical indicators?[url=]Composite Material Products Manufacturer[/url] 2, white packaging and non-conforming products --- regular manufacturers, to facilitate quality control; their own substandard products into white packaging. According to the relevant national laws and regulations, such products can not enter
the formal channel sales, while packaging must be marked unqualified. From the price of the end of the "white packaging" reporter learned in the interview to understand a strange phenomenon: on the one hand, to strengthen the authority of the flooring industry, said the industry 70 yuan to strengthen the floor 80% of the quality of substandard; and on the other hand, almost all brands are With the price of 70 yuan or so to strengthen the floor,[url=]Plastic Wood Decking[/url] and some even in the 50 yuan or so. What is this in the end? Reporters asked a floor professional for everyone to calculate a floor cost account: "brand floor price of 65 yuan per square hard floor, for example,
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