Windows and doors have only seven steps to install

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Windows and doors have only seven steps to install

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1. Marking and positioning
According to the teaching design, install a position, size and elevation of the window in the drawing, and measure the edge line of the window according to the center line of the window.

2. Installation of system doors and windows covered with water
Batch water refers to the profile on the upper part of the window sash to prevent rainwater from entering the room.

3. Anti-corrosion treatment
When the anti-corrosion design of the surface around the window frame is required, the treatment shall be carried out according to the design requirements.

4. The system doors and windows are installed in place
Install the aluminum window frame according to the drawn window positioning line. And timely adjust the horizontal, vertical and diagonal length of the window frame to meet the quality standards, and then temporarily fix it with a wooden wedge.

5. Fixing of system doors and windows
When iron parts are embedded in the wall, the iron legs of the system doors and windows can be directly welded to the iron parts embedded in the wall. The welding place needs to be rust-proofed. When there are no iron parts in the wall, metal expansion bolts or metal expansion bolts can be used. Plastic expansion bolts fix the iron legs of the aluminum window to the wall.

6. Treatment of the gap between the window frame and the wall
After a fixed system door and window are installed, the quality acceptance of relatively hidden information engineering should be carried out first, and we should deal with the gap between the window frame and the wall structure in time according to the design and development requirements after being qualified.

7. Install window sash and window glass
After acceptance of the hole wall surface decoration, window frames and window glass should be installed. After the sliding window is installed and fixed on the window frame, put the window frame with glass into the overall frame slideway, and adjust the gap with the fan.
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