Why can aluminum wood aluminum doors and windows save energy?

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Why can aluminum wood aluminum doors and windows save energy?

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According to reports, the wood used for aluminum-wood aluminum alloy doors and windows is the virgin forest larch growing in the northern Arctic region and Northeast Asia. It has undergone strict screening, anti-corrosion, degreasing, and flame-retardant treatments, and uses German high-strength adhesive. Wood strength, corrosion resistance, weather resistance and other aspects are guaranteed, and can be durable. This type of window adopts a double-layer sealing structure, and advanced automobile sealing tape is used on aluminum doors and windows, so the heat preservation, heat preservation, heat preservation, and heat preservation effects are particularly outstanding.

The biggest feature of aluminum alloy doors is wood insulation, energy saving, and sand resistance. This is the layer of wood outside and packaging aluminum alloy. The multiple sealing properties of aluminum doors and windows can effectively prevent the invasion of sand. They are unbearable when hot. It can prevent the outdoor heat and reduce the loss of indoor air-conditioning. In the cold winter, add aluminum doors and windows without freezing and condensation, and it can also resist the noise outside the window.

There are many ways to open and close aluminum-clad wooden windows. Among them, the sliding and flat-opening multifunctional product combination window is a new type of window that is also eye-catching this year. Smoothly open outwards, you can freely adjust the structure and open a window area. If the company rotates 180 outwards, it can be designed to clean the inside and outside of the window sash indoors, which is very important for safety.

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