When he plays aggressive and plays his game

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When he plays aggressive and plays his game

“We’re building a trust level,” he said. “On the USA team we’re all just out there. Here, you see things a bit different differently. We all talk, the communication is very high. We pick our spots. Authentic Scott Wilson Jersey I let Russ do what he has to do to get himself going, same with Paul.”

Anthony is aware of both his basketball biological clock and the outside whispers that he can’t (or won’t) supply enough defense or intangibles to make a difference … and he scoffs at that. He agrees, though, that this is his best chance at a ring.

Reminded that he can Authentic Sidney Crosby Jersey escape his contract next summer (though he’d have to blowtorch $28 million for ‘18-19), he says something that hints toward the future:

“We’re just getting started here.”
George in transition, too

George has influenced OKC’s suddenly-sturdy defense while shooting 41 percent on 3-pointers shooting to maintain his rep as a two-way weapon. He’s the most efficient scorer of the three -- his True Shooting Authentic Tom Barrasso Jersey percentage (56.7) edges Anthony (53.6) and Westbrook (48.7) -- and his breezy personality hardly dominates the locker room.
Paul George discusses his move to Oklahoma City and playing with Russell Westbrook.

He’s respectfully deferential to Westbrook. At the season’s low point -- a road loss to Denver that gave OKC its fourth straight loss – George saddled up next to Westbrook following a team meeting.

“I asked him what he Authentic Trevor Daley Jersey wanted from me. Then I did what he asked of me. I’ve been aggressive and looked for my shot. There’s no more guessing,” George said. “At the beginning of the season everything was so new. I felt like a rookie again.”

Westbrook said: “When he plays aggressive and plays his game he’s capable of doing it every single night and we’re encouraging him to do that each and every game. He’s a guy who wants to win, sacrifice what he needs to help us to make sure we’re a good team.”