What material is good for sealing doors and windows?

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What material is good for sealing doors and windows?

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Door and window companies are something we see every day at work, because our houses cannot have doors and windows at the same time. However, the development of decoration also requires more attention to doors and windows. Sealing doors and windows is also common, usually windows are sealed There are more of them, and they are mostly used for balconies, so what effect material should be used to seal doors and windows?

1. Encapsulation materials for window decoration to be paid attention to.

2. Then decorate the windows with floor materials. If your windows are not encapsulated, you can use non-slip tiles. If you pack the windows and open the interior, you can use the same floor decoration materials as the interior.

3. Wall materials for window decoration.

4. Pay attention to safety when decorating windows. The window cannot bear excessive weight and heavy object impact, so as to reduce the accumulation of heavy debris on the window; do not move back and forth on the window railing to avoid the welding at the bottom of the railing from breaking.

5. Wall and roof materials for window decoration.

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