What are the materials for soundproof doors and windows

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What are the materials for soundproof doors and windows


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There are many types of sound insulation materials, and sound insulation doors and windows are more common. What are the materials for soundproof doors and windows? How to choose and maintain soundproof doors and windows? Let us find out together.

What are the materials for sound insulation and doors and windows:

1. Vacuum glass doors and windows:

The main feature of vacuum glass is that it facilitates the vacuum mute principle and prevents noise from entering the room. The working principle of this product is also very simple, that is, two glass panels of the same size are installed on the basic door and window frames.

2. Laminated glass:

Glue glass has also been widely used in the installation of soundproof doors and windows at home. Its basic sound insulation principle and vacuum glass use the independent space between the glasses to improve the sound insulation effect. The glue glass is not too close to vacuum glass when installed correctly and sealed. Big difference.

3. Hollow glass:

Because there is gas between the two layers of glass, the insulating effect of insulating glass is not as good as vacuum glass, but it is sufficient for small and inconspicuous residential areas, and it is more friendly to the people than the first two types of soundproof glass.

The above is a brief introduction to the commonly used materials for soundproof doors and windows. I believe that after the above introduction, everyone will have a further understanding and understanding of soundproof doors and windows.

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