What are the benefits of sealing windows?

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What are the benefits of sealing windows?


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Aluminum profile and hollow glass have the functions of energy saving, sound insulation, noise prevention, dustproof and waterproof. Color aluminum is currently used more decoration materials, remind you to find a regular construction team in the decoration, so as to avoid problems such as shoddy good. What are the benefits of sealing windows?

1. Security: After the balcony is sealed, the house has another layer of protection. The public security cannot reach the level of not being closed at night. An additional layer of protection can set up obstacles for criminals and play a preventive role.

2. Hygiene: After the frameless balcony is closed against theft, add a layer of windows to block the dust, which will help prevent the invasion of sand, dust, and rain.

3. Expand the scope of use: In the case of relatively tight living conditions, the enclosed balcony can be used as a space for writing, reading, storage, and fitness exercises, as well as a living space. Compared with Kaifeng balconies, the use forms are more diverse, increasing the use area of ​​the living room.

4. Broaden the design ideas: After the balcony is closed, it can be integrated with the indoor space by removing the doors and windows, which is conducive to the overall consideration in the design. But in the design of irregular rooms, the balcony should be sealed, and the overall design of the irregular space.

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