What about a one way lag screw

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What about a one way lag screw

Being adapter pieces, Copper Accompaniment rods appear with basics that accept altered sizes and shapes to ensure that the China Threaded Rod is deeply in place. Washers are aswell accessible for safer affiliation credibility and to bottle rods as they act as barriers amid the rods and basics and the product.
Small Screws

Do you charge adapt aggressive $.25 and drivers? What about a one way lag screw? The varieties we activity are so all-inclusive that you’ll be afraid at how able-bodied we can board for your architecture needs. If superior and backbone are what you’re searching for, again you’ve appear to the adapted place.

Construction Screws

Not every architecture or anatomy needs the aforementioned blazon of screw. That is why we activity abounding altered types of architecture screws, some of which include: accouter screws, drywall screws, framing screws, beam screws, and more.

For galvanized animate signs, you should use galvanized ASTM A325 structural rods. The joints charge to be amid animate parts, and you charge to appropriately affectation joints so they can abide vibration.

Copper Accompaniment rod and rod Co. has specialized in alms the finest superior accouterments and accompanying articles back 1972. They activity zinc and stainless animate options that will board all your accepted and advancing projects.

These structural rods usually accept top strengths acceptance them to accumulation top armament that advice abbreviate joints if anchored to affectation that has been prescribed. Thus, the structural joints will advice advance pre-compression and affectation of faying surfaces. China Threaded Rod - http://www.zj-junyue.com/