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Tips for cleaning doors and windows


We are not only welcoming the scorching sun, but also various heavy rains and thunderstorms. Whenever we have to face the water stains on the glass, we will feel big; not only the water stains on the glass, but also the dust in the grooves and gaps, the aluminum doors and windows The various unidentified traces and oil stains on the frame are really troublesome.

01. Glass cleaning
The dust on the glass seems to be very clean, but it will leave a variety of unsightly marks when wiped directly with a wet cloth, and the cleaning effect is not good. It is best to use two rags, one dry and the other wet, first wipe it with a wet rag, and then wipe with a dry rag moistened with white wine or alcohol, so that the clean and translucent glass will come back~

02, screen cleaning
Everyone will have a headache. The various dirt stuck in the gaps between the screens and windows is large and difficult to clean. There is a small cleaning trick that can easily solve this problem: use clothes sticky brushes. The method of use is also very simple. You don't need to remove the screen window, just use a sticky brush to brush back and forth on the screen window. The cleaning effect is very good. There is no need to disassemble and wash, but you should pay attention to wearing a mask for cleaning to avoid becoming a vacuum cleaner.
03. Groove cleaning
The groove part of the door and window slide rail is easy to accumulate all kinds of dust, and it is small and difficult to clean. It is the hardest hit area for cleaning. In fact, this problem can be solved with a scouring pad. Use a pen to mark the position of the scouring pad in the groove, and use a part of the scouring pad. The scouring pad can completely match the convex part of the groove, and it can be cleaned very well. The groove track is dusty.
04. Gap cleaning
It is also useful to wipe the dust between the rubber part of the glass and the window gap directly. However, some stubborn stains that stay for a long time will be difficult to remove. The cleaning liquid will flow away directly, and the cleaning effect is not very good without staying.
The way to deal with it is to mix the detergent with some starch and then apply it to the gap, leave it for five minutes and wipe it off. Starch has a certain viscosity-increasing effect, can stay in the gap and not flow, and can also ensure the cleaning effect.
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