Tips for choosing a narrow frame sliding door

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Tips for choosing a narrow frame sliding door

The narrow frame sliding door has a narrow frame and a larger view. It can be installed on the balcony to enjoy the distant scenery. It is currently the most popular aluminum alloy door and window product in the door and window market. How to choose a high-quality, high-value narrow frame sliding door The door is a problem in the minds of many owners. The following briefly introduces some tips for purchasing narrow-frame doors and windows.

1. Choose a high-quality narrow frame sliding door, the profile is very important

The quality of aluminum alloy profile is the first step to choose a narrow frame sliding door. The quality of aluminum alloy profile directly determines the firmness of the door and window frame. Because the profile of narrow frame sliding door is narrow, ordinary aluminum alloy profile cannot meet the requirements of narrow frame sliding door. Safe use is required, so the thickness of the profile must be thick enough, and the thickness of the profile must be made of materials above 2.0mm.

2. The safety of the narrow frame sliding door glass is also very important

The currently recognized glass with high hardness and safety in the market is hollow double-layer tempered glass. This glass has a higher silicon content and its impact strength is 5-10 times that of ordinary glass under the same conditions.

3. For high-quality sliding doors with narrow frames, attention should be paid to details such as hardware accessories

Pay attention not only to the quality of aluminum and glass, but also to details such as hardware accessories. Inferior hardware may cause the sliding of the narrow frame sliding door to be unsmooth, loose and fall, causing injury. Therefore, consumers must carefully choose narrow-frame sliding door products from these three aspects.

4. Sliding doors with narrow frames are mainly simple and fashionable styles

The whole series adopts simple and fashionable design style, simple layout and simple patterns. It is called high-value sliding door by consumers. The purchase of narrow-frame sliding door can promote the narrow-frame sliding door and furniture style according to furniture style, family color, etc. Unity.
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