Things to note when buying doors and windows

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Things to note when buying doors and windows

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Energy-saving doors and windows on the market are mainly doors and windows, which are also the most widely recognized energy-saving doors and windows by consumers. The system windows are made of heat-insulating and broken-bridge aluminum profiles and hollow glass, which have the functions of energy saving, sound insulation, noise prevention, dustproof, and waterproof. What should I pay attention to when buying energy-saving doors and windows?

1. Performance of hardware accessories

Hardware accessories occupies a very important position in the design of system energy-saving doors and windows. The quality of hardware accessories affects the performance indicators of doors and windows. The repeated opening of doors and windows is realized by hardware accessories, so choosing high-quality door and window accessories is also the key. The quality of hardware accessories is directly related to the quality of doors and windows processing.

2. Thermal window profile design In the system energy-saving door and window design, the design of the thermal window profile is the core part of the entire design. The quality of the profile design determines the performance and quality of the door and window. The principle of insulation is that the non-metallic insulation tape (nylon 66) and the two parts of the door and window section are cleverly combined into a heat insulation section by mechanical roller pressure.

The section design process mainly considers the influence of wind load, comprehensive strength, rigidity and stability and other requirements, optimizes the design, and makes the inertia moment I and cross section resistance moment W of the section exhausted under the most economical section area conditions. It might be big. Insulating strips are embedded in the cavity, called the "King of Insulation" as PU resin, which has a more significant energy-saving effect on preventing heat diffusion.

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