The quality of broken aluminum doors and windows

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The quality of broken aluminum doors and windows

aluminum windows manufacturer
Aluminum alloy doors and windows include wood and plastic composite doors and windows that use aluminum alloy as the base material of the force-bearing member (the rod that bears and transfers its own weight and load), referred to as aluminum-wood composite doors and windows, and aluminum-plastic composite doors and windows. Today, the editor and we are going to discuss the quality of the aluminum doors and windows broken bridge test method.

When consumers buy and use broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, we can distinguish whether the aluminum alloy door and window system is of high quality from the raw materials, the surface of the doors and windows, the heat insulation strips and the internal processing of the enterprise. Nowadays, consumers like to buy products of big brands. Yes, the product design of big brands is more socially secure. I believe that as a Chinese consumer, I know the truth.

From a large amount of raw material aluminum, but the difference is not big, mainly depends on the thickness of the aluminum doors and windows of the broken bridge, the thickness of 1.4mm aluminum is the national standard, if the thickness of the compressive strength is not, the wind will aggravate the disease. Then the surface of the aluminum layer is oxidized. The oxide film is a key corrosion, abrasion and other characteristics of aluminum doors and windows. If the thickness of this oxide film does not reach the entire bridge aluminum doors and windows, it will have a huge impact, of course, in addition to oxidation There are other methods for the process, but consumers need to test.

The key to insulation is broken aluminum, and the insulation performance of aluminum doors and windows, broken bridges and bridges. When buying doors and windows, you must check the test report. Insulation strips. The insulation of the strips is plastic. It is better to make the added fiber glass bearable. High temperature glass will not deform under high temperature or low temperature environment.

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