The most pitted places of doors and windows

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The most pitted places of doors and windows

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The most popular and mainstream doors and windows on the market are aluminum alloy doors and windows; because our teaching materials have a very good integrated management effect in terms of heat insulation, environmental protection, and noise prevention, and many enterprises and customers are more favored by them. The aluminum doors and windows are made of heat-insulating broken bridge aluminum profiles and hollow glass, which have the functions of energy saving, sound insulation, noise prevention, dustproof, and waterproof.

As the saying goes, greed for small gains will suffer big losses. Today, I will give you an inventory of the various network routines behind doors and windows.

The most pitted places of doors and windows:

1. The PA66 nylon tape can be broken by hand, and the PVC insulation tape cannot be broken after more than ten times.

2. Less than the thickness of the profile, the bauxite is first taken out and melted into pure aluminum ingots, the ingots are remelted, other metals, aluminum bars, and profiles are added, and then drawn into various machine parts, and then processed into contour window frames . The door and window profiles of big brand manufacturers are in line with national standards, and only some miscellaneous brands, small brands, many of which are counterfeit famous brands and do not comply with only 1.2 wall thickness lines for MM.

3. There is also a good sealing difference. The main function is to use the sealing strips worn by the layer and the inner fan to keep the glass box fan close to ensure that the doors and windows are sealed correctly. The tightness of the doors and the windows is very important to let the seal leak. ! EPDM rubber sealing strips and rubber strips are recommended to choose elastic belts. The strips are environmentally friendly and can be recycled and reused without polluting the environment.