The importance of heat insulation strips in doors and windows

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The importance of heat insulation strips in doors and windows

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The reason why door and window companies are called doors and windows is because they have heat insulation strips to block the disconnection. If we do not have a heat insulation strip for aluminum doors and windows, we can only use aluminum alloy doors and windows instead of doors and windows. What are its different characteristics?

The door and window insulation strips are black nylon strips, usually with electronic coding, according to the different aluminum profile manufacturers and names, but generally have the PA66 logo, which indicates that the batch of doors and windows are all nylon insulation strips, and they are doors and windows that meet the requirements of national standards.

1. On the surface. The nylon insulation strips for doors and windows are black and matte. Usually, these strips are marked with trademarks and product specifications, with an interval of 60-80 cm. Laser jet coding is smooth, no shrinkage, no pores, no scratches, no mold extrusion marks, and glass fiber distribution with special mineral luster can be seen, and there is no trace on the end of the heat insulation strip; other imported or domestic nylon heat insulation strips are gray Black or dark black, without any trademarks, the strips are rough, there are obvious die extrusion marks and die dividing lines on the end of the die, the die has loose shrinkage holes, and the PVC heat insulation strips are bright black without any trademark marks , The bar is rough, the die extrusion marks are obvious, there are a lot of loose shrinkage holes, and the head size is asymmetrical and irregular.

2. Break the experiment. Take the I type 25cm sample for manual breaking experiment. When the door and window nylon heat insulation strip is bent, it can feel good toughness and strength. It will not break when the two ends are folded, even if the fracture is slow fracture; other imports Or domestic nylon heat insulation strips are either obviously brittle, and multi-stage cracking occurs when there is a certain distance between the two ends of the bending (due to uneven glass fiber particles), or the toughness is obvious, repeated bending many times (the glass fiber content is insufficient) Caused by); PVC insulation strips are very soft, basically weak, and will not break after repeated bending.

3. Ordinary students ignite to conduct experiments. Nylon heat insulation strips for doors and windows are not easy to ignite. They show a light yellow flame when they burn, while PVC heat insulation strips are flammable. When they burn, they turn blue to represent the flame, and release a large amount of pungent black produced by the enterprise as smoke.

4. High temperature complete combustion test. Nylon insulation strips can be seen after the door is completely burnt with high temperature deposits and uniform black fibers; or other high-temperature nylon insulation strips in China or imported are completely burned with complete combustion or basically no fiber deposition and uneven fiber deposition; PVC insulation is completely burned at high temperatures There is no deposit on the rod.

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