Solutions to the causes of air leakage in doors and windows!

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Solutions to the causes of air leakage in doors and windows!


If the airtightness of the doors and windows at home is not good, it is really a headache! In the summer, the air-conditioning is turned on in the house, and the air-conditioning is running outside, and in the winter, the chilly wind blows in, and dust will come in. So, what does the poor sealing of doors and windows have to do with, and how to solve it?

Door and window profiles, production process
Whether doors and windows leak air or not has a great relationship with the material. If the material is poor, the compressive strength of the door and window frame will not work, and it will not withstand the test of wind and rain. It may be deformed after two or three years. There may be gaps, poor sealing performance, and then a series of problems such as air leakage and dust ingress, and the longer the blowing time, the larger the gap, and it will be out of control.

Solution: Use high-quality profiles and choose doors and windows made by a reputable and regular company.
Door and window installation
Installation is also an important factor in determining whether doors and windows are sealed. Even with high-quality doors and windows, improper installation will seriously affect the sealing performance of doors and windows.

Solution: Find a professional installation team for construction and supervise the installation and construction.
Door and window sealing strip
The most common problem of sealing strips is aging and cracking. If there are signs of hardening, you can solve it from the following aspects.

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