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Remove old windows and replace doors and windows


If the house is not renovated, do you want to replace the old windows? The answer is yes, there are a few points to pay attention to when replacing old windows with doors and windows.

If the window sill is covered with curtain cloth, it is necessary to replace it. When removing old windows, windows and doors may damage the screens. Judging from past experience, deleting old, iron windows, and system doors and windows will cause greater damage. This also mainly depends on the previous developers are fixed. There are also plastic steel doors and windows and old plastic steel windows that are damaged during the demolition process. The window coverage is relatively small, some, and will not even cause damage.

If the inner or outer wall of your balcony is tiled, it will also cause damage during the process of opening the window. Since I plan to change the window, I must have this psychological preparation.

The above question is about my views on window removal during the development process of replacing old windows with new doors and windows.

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