Prevent scratches on aluminum doors and windows

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Prevent scratches on aluminum doors and windows


Aluminum windows and doors
Many consumers have reported that the windows with tempered glass surfaces of aluminum alloy doors and windows are scratched and scratched. How to prevent scratches on tempered glass aluminum doors and windows? The following editor summarizes the points for your reference:

(1) Be more careful when stacking, make the bottom edge of the glass touch the support arm first, and then not push the glass horizontally, so that all points on the surface of the glass material can touch at the same time as much as possible.

(2) Be sure to put wood or paper in the middle of the glass. Since the glass is stacked on the turnover cart, the glass is relatively unstable.

(3) Minimize the number of processing, through assembly line operation. For the analysis of the above-mentioned problems caused by the scratches of the tempered glass, our factory improves the process of the cold working process. After cold processing the glass with as little work car as possible, after cutting the glass, it is directly transported to the next side. Each side of the four vertical rolling mills will then directly enter the cleaning section. After the stacked glass is cleaned, it should be soft cushioned between glass plates or wood. Practice has proved that the problem of improving our factory is less than the previous large glass scratches.

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