Precautions for door and window installation

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Precautions for door and window installation


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1. The decoration of the old house changes the door and window casement window sill, especially the window sill is installed below, so the bottom should be padded. The bottom of the door and window casement window frame is more than two centimeters from the bottom of the window frame, and the best cushion is two or three high. Cm in order to install the window sill.

You can also wipe the window sill first, but you have to wipe it off one step. If you can’t wipe the steps, you have to prepare some 4 cm wide long wooden blocks, which are placed in the middle of the door and on the slot of the window frame, not on the edge of the slot. It should be longer, and the window contact surface should be larger, and the wooden block should buffer the connection between the two windows. It can be made to be 10 cm long, so that each window can be lifted up, and it is not easy to deform behind the window.

2. If the doors and windows are opened horizontally, the windows should be covered with windows, and the surrounding area should be left blank, and hanging windows should not be installed too close to the outside world. In addition, the screen window should be made into an external hanging type, and the door and window casement windows should be able to be made into an external hanging screen window.

3. There are at least three layers of sealing strips inside the doors and windows. After the seal is installed, check the seal to prevent the manufacturer from cutting corners. Less sealing strip not only affects the heat preservation effect, but also affects the waterproof performance.

4. If the kitchen windows are large, I don't think it is necessary to level the upper and lower windows or sliding windows, because the degree of sealing of these windows is not too bad, and ventilation is required under normal conditions.

5. To ensure the installation quality, first prepare a level, and the doors and windows are not installed vertically.

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