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Points for buying doors and windows


1: Wind resistance is the most important

When buying doors and windows, stability is the key factor for windproof doors and windows. Aluminum alloy doors and windows are refined from titanium-magnesium aluminum alloy, and their strength and rigidity are strong. In the face of strong winds, windows will become a safety line of defense for homes. .

2: Do not ignore the water tightness

Doors and windows are purchased with good watertightness, so that the doors and windows can still keep the interior dry when faced with storms, and there is no trouble of water leakage. Among the doors and windows of various materials, aluminum alloy doors and windows have better water tightness.

3: Air-tight gender underestimation

Choose doors and windows, doors and windows with better airtightness, use double or even three layers of vacuum Low-E glass, plus double rubber sealing strips, so that the doors and windows are windproof and thermally insulated.

4: See clearly that the quality is guaranteed

When buying doors and windows, pay attention to the following points:

(1) The flatness of the welding place, and see if the inner and outer corner seams are evenly spliced.

(2) Look at the hardware accessories. Good door and window hardware accessories feel thick, with dense surface protection, shiny, and no scratches.

(3) Look at the cushion glue, the function of cushion glue and anti-collision glue is to protect the door leaf from strong collision.
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