Pay attention to the sealing of doors and windows in the new area

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Pay attention to the sealing of doors and windows in the new area


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Nowadays, ordinary commercial houses use doors and windows. Some developers will close all the balconies for the owners, and some residential balconies are not closed. When the owners bring doors and windows, the balconies need to pay attention to the following points:

1. If the new community does not have a closed balcony, the doors and windows must go to the property consulting company and seal the balcony on the balcony. When you plan to seal the open type, specific drawings will be provided to certain community owners. There are also some requirements, such as external door window sealing The color of the balcony is the same as that of the cell window, and the opening method is the same. Now there are many high-rise areas. The doors and windows of the closed balcony must be toughened.

2. When looking for balcony sealing manufacturers, we have to ask whether the manufacturers have relevant qualifications, because many new community management in my country require manufacturers to provide enterprise qualifications and handle business-related balcony sealing procedures. If you find If it is the development of small street shops or some of their businesses do not have the qualifications to seal the balcony, then this balcony is very troublesome.

3. Because it is a community, some balcony sealing manufacturers will cooperate with the property, that is, for the benefit of the property company, and monopolize the balcony sealing of the entire community. Therefore, it is difficult for the property company to find the balcony sealing manufacturer outside, and find the balcony sealing manufacturer designated by the property company. The price of doors and windows is higher than that of the market, and this type of balcony closure manufacturers are basically guerrillas. For example, the business of closure of the balcony in the community will almost withdraw. If the doors and windows are opened and closed, the maintenance will be more troublesome. Guarantee..

As long as the new community pays attention to these points when the doors and windows are sealed on the balcony, there will be no problem. This way, the balcony can be sealed well, and a formal sealed balcony can be found, and the price will not be very expensive.

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