One minute lets you choose high-quality doors and windows

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One minute lets you choose high-quality doors and windows

aluminum windows manufacturer
For the door and window owners of many decoration shops, there are too many door and window brands on the market, and there are many models. For the door and window Xiaobai, how good are the doors and windows? ? Today, I just need to tell you a few points to understand.

Doors and windows include door and window profiles, hardware, window screens, glass, etc. Among them, aluminum and hardware are crucial. This is the key. How does it choose aluminum? Those owners of doors and windows don't only need to understand what is the choice of Guangdong Aluminum on-line anti-counterfeiting labels, why do they say that? Since many brands buy cheap aluminum adhesive protective films by themselves, they have become their own brands. These brands cannot distinguish between true and false. This is what makes companies stick to what brand, but the real big brands have their own safety, so For example, Feng Aluminium has anti-counterfeiting labels, you don’t even know what doors and windows, and then choose the big brand aluminum anti-counterfeiting labels on the right.

Why do we choose a big brand as aluminum?

1. The door and window profiles of major brands have their own anti-counterfeiting and are not easy to counterfeit. Consumers do not have to worry about buying fake products at high prices.

2. Large-brand door and window profiles are national inspection-free products. The national standard minimum aluminum-containing wall thickness is 1.4MM, which is not lower than the standard aluminum in the market, but it is often unknown that the wall thickness of aluminum profiles meets the national standard.

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