Misunderstandings that door and window companies are easy to fall into

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Misunderstandings that door and window companies are easy to fall into


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Doors and windows in today's market are undoubtedly the main door and window products, so when consumers buy, what are the misunderstandings that doors, windows and windows can easily enter? Today, we have an analysis for you. Many door and window brands are also different. Many consumers have been stuck at the low and mid-market prices. See if you have been recruited?

1. Misunderstanding 1: I believe that group buying doors and windows can be cheap. According to the quotations made by group buying merchants that I can only get in my hands, the market price of doors and windows is not cheap at all. Many companies decorate group buying websites when they are learning and propagating online. We are all under the banner of low prices. When you actually go to the group to buy something, the atmosphere of the scene will make many people place orders because of impulsive systems. When you look back and think about it, in fact, it’s a fundamental problem for your country. Did not take advantage of it. (If you want to participate in group buying, the merchants provide the management platform to pay between hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan per year. Those who have TV air-conditioning prizes, lunchtimes, etc., but in the end these are all products from consumers In the middle, wool can’t develop on pigs)

2. Misunderstanding 2: The all-inclusive price saves money. The answer is that the all-inclusive price is the most. Save worry, but it definitely does not save money. Some merchants launch all-inclusive prices without labeling aluminum brands, hardware brands, etc., which is equivalent to buying miscellaneous brands at high prices. ; Secondly, some merchants offer very low all-inclusive prices, which makes you very excited, but when you have finished measuring how many square meters, you have to count a few square meters or more. In this case, many customers tell us to do business or Integrity.

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