Into the aluminum industry to interpret doors and windows

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Into the aluminum industry to interpret doors and windows


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The advantages of aluminum doors and windows, plastic windows are rolled into two types, which have a good performance-to-price ratio and have become an ideal choice.

In principle doors and windows, the profile is A, B or multiple sides penetrate the insulating tape, the aluminum forms a break, effectively preventing heat conduction and thermal insulation. The thermal conductivity of insulated doors and windows is reduced by 40 to 70% compared to non-insulated aluminum doors. Doors and windows can achieve six types of sealing structures, a reasonable vapor separation chamber, and successfully achieve gas pressure balanced water, significantly improving watertight and airtight doors and windows.

Insulation strips, doors and windows, as the core component, explain the total aluminum ore of the insulation knowledge strip. The raw material insulation tape is PA66 nylon tape, which has sufficient longitudinal and transverse tensile strength, good aging resistance, and some low-quality insulation tapes. In the market used in China, the reason is that the heat insulation doors and windows have significant quality problems, and the insulation effect of curtain walls (insufficient strength will cause the insulation of the aluminum tape joints to decompose from heat) cannot be guaranteed.

The editor heard and understood the very principle of doors and windows, not only smiled, but also gave a thumbs up to the doors and windows.

Doors and windows can be extruded from different primary aluminum ingots. The inner wall of the aluminum profile is smooth without any roughness. It is a real pure aluminum ingot and does not contain any impurities. The wall thickness is better than the national standard 1.6MM aluminum profile. Door and window companies adopt the six-channel sealing system design and development concept, which greatly increases the water tightness and airtightness of our doors and windows.

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