Increase wind pressure of aluminum doors and windows

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Increase wind pressure of aluminum doors and windows

China aluminum door & window manufacturers
Aluminum alloy is a method to improve the resistance and wind pressure of doors and windows. The performance of the anti-wind pressure system is actually the assessment of the wind pressure value when the force-bearing members of the aluminum alloy swing door under the action of external force reach the nationally stipulated amount of deformation that is the deflection value. Under a certain pressure or strength, the smaller the deflection value of the aluminum alloy as the force-bearing member of the door and window, the better the design performance of the enterprise's products against wind pressure.

1: Choose high-strength main profile

The so-called working strength can include the following two important aspects: first, its high tensile strength is not easy to be destroyed, and secondly, its high bending elastic modulus and high toughness.

2: Improve the structural design of aluminum alloy doors and windows

Products need to be designed through continuous optimization of the reasonable structure of the enterprise. Not only the appearance is beautiful and generous, but we can also fully develop its due function by effectively saving energy.  aluminum doors & windows factory

Under the strong energy-saving publicity, while putting forward energy-saving requirements for aluminum alloy doors and windows, do not neglect the overall quality of the product and some basic functions that it should have, otherwise, the best aluminum alloy door will lose significance.

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