How to identify the quality of aluminum-clad wood, aluminum alloy and doors and windows

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How to identify the quality of aluminum-clad wood, aluminum alloy and doors and windows

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In modern urban life, choosing a suitable home window seems to be a technical job. Aluminum alloy doors and windows The doors and windows made of aluminum alloy extruded profiles as frames, stiles and fans are called aluminum alloy doors and windows, or aluminum doors and windows for short.

Here is a small series of related questions for you to summarize the six tips on how to determine high-quality aluminum alloy aluminum-clad wooden doors and windows.

1: In our country, what can be said to be a good window is to have a smoother line shape, a perfect and smooth lacquer, and a less impactful wood for color difference.

2: The sealing tape should have good expandability and anti-aging performance. The best choice is high-quality EPDM sealing tape. The tape should be installed tightly and the line should be flat. It is necessary to distinguish between increased strength and increased air tightness.

3: Related operations. In terms of operation, a hardware structure with strong bearing capacity must be opened and closed, and it must be rigorously overlapped, with good air-tightness and hydrophobic performance. The hardware installation must be firm and there should be no shaking of the handle, and the effect of opening and closing can be easily achieved.

4: Identify the diagonal connection between a glass bead and a wooden bead and the connection must be close. First of all, the government must not affect more than 0.5mm through the gap, and it needs to be more flat. The work must not have a sense of unevenness. Secondly, the 45-degree angle of the outer aluminum must be flat and there must be no unevenness to block the unevenness of the hand, and a relatively large gap must be developed. 0.5mm.

5: Observe the paint. The paint selected must be special paint for aluminum alloy doors and windows. The current market situation requires the use of water-based paint, which has good texture and sealing, and also prevents yellowing and fading of ultraviolet rays, and sprays uniformly without color difference and dust particles. The color difference of wood seam should be controlled within 0.2°.

6: The aluminum alloy-clad wooden door needs to be suitable for the total thickness, not less than the overall outline thickness greater than 60 mm, or aluminum and aluminum are prone to low-strength changes or separation during use, which affects the window used.