How to get Flint in Ark Survival Evolved

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How to get Flint in Ark Survival Evolved

In Ark Survival Evolved, flint is the most basic material. It is very easy to obtain, and it needs to be collected with tools. You can cheap buy ARK Items. One of the tools that can collect flint is a pick and the other is an ax. Among them, the efficiency of a pick to collect flint is much higher than that of an ax.

In addition, flint will be produced in stone. Use a pick to collect stone to obtain the stone, flint, and even metal. In the early stage, you can use a stone pickaxe to collect, and later you can grab an AnKylosaurus and then go to the mangrove forest.

Catch doedicurus in the mangrove forest. The doedicurus are very efficient at collecting stones and flint. You can buy ARK Dinosaurs and then choose the best method.

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