How to detect the quality of aluminum doors and windows

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How to detect the quality of aluminum doors and windows


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We live in the home decoration of aluminum doors and windows getting more and more applications, but in the face of many brands in the market, coupled with a large number of customers buying products are not very familiar, so there is some confusion, what issues need to pay attention to aluminum doors and windows?

1. Observe the quality management of aluminum doors and windows

At the time of purchase, we can conduct quality inspection through operation, that is, observe through the aluminum alloy door and window switches, specifically the sealing of the switch, so that the mobility, air tightness, and water repellency can better experience the quality of the product.

2. Test by material

Aluminum alloy doors and windows are made of aluminum alloy and wood, so the two materials used in high quality should also be excellent.

3. Check the appearance of aluminum doors and windows

Through the quality of aluminum doors and windows, we can also find out some problems through observation. For example: Whether the lines can be smooth, whether the pattern design has perfect cleaning, the heavy texture of the paint surface, the smoothness of the surface, the uniformity of the color, etc.

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