How to clean up dust on aluminum alloy doors and windows?

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How to clean up dust on aluminum alloy doors and windows?


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Every time we are passionate about cleaning, facing the problem of cleaning the gaps between aluminum doors and windows, we often have a headache.. So, how should we solve the dust in the gaps between aluminum doors and windows? What are the solutions?

1. Use paint brush skillfully

There will be some paint brushes left when decorating the home, so make good use of it. There is often a lot of dust scattered in the gaps between aluminum alloy doors and windows, because the gaps are so narrow that rags can't be considered, isn't it sad? At this time, you have to pick up the paintbrush in your hand and gather all these fine dust together. The fine hair of the paintbrush can just take care of the corners, so that the dust in the small gaps will also be wiped out of bad luck.

2. Give full play to the great effects of edible white vinegar

If the home is made of aluminum-plastic doors and windows, then when the gap between the aluminum doors and windows is full of dust, how should we clean it? Do not use detergent for plastic aluminum doors and windows, cleaning products are strong acid, aluminum doors and windows, to avoid corrosion, white vinegar is a good cleaning product, some white vinegar poured in the gaps between aluminum doors and windows, so the dust is easy to take out, the appearance of aluminum doors and windows.

3. Use business cards to transform dust removal props

Fold the abandoned business card in half, fold out the aluminum alloy to develop the width of the door and window development track, fold the business card into the shape of a dustpan, use a traditional toothbrush to clean the dust in the aluminum alloy and doors and windows without gaps, and then use the business card dustpan to remove the dust Sheng out. Reasonable and effective use of these discarded toothbrushes and business cards has made the best use of everything. aluminum doors & windows factory

4. Reasonable use of sponge

Sponge aluminum doors and windows cut the width of the track. Due to the strong flexibility of the sponge, it can easily penetrate into the residues in the gaps of cleaning aluminum doors and windows.

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