How to choose high-quality sliding doors

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How to choose high-quality sliding doors


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When purchasing sliding doors, you should observe and analyze the cross-sections and samples of the samples at close range, and at the same time, you can inquire about the packaging and website of the Chinese original product manufacturer.

1: Look at the profile section

The profiles of sliding doors on the market are divided into two types: aluminum-magnesium alloy and recycled aluminum. The profiles of high-quality sliding doors are made of aluminum, strontium, copper, magnesium, manganese and other alloy materials, which have a great advantage in terms of toughness and education. , And different thicknesses can effectively reach more than 1mm, and the profiles with lower quality requirements are recycled aluminum, and the toughness and service life are reduced. Most of the aluminum-magnesium alloy profiles are through the use of primary colors without coating, and some In order to avoid being shoddy, merchants can often use the method of painting the surface of China's recycled aluminum profiles.Therefore, when consumers are purchasing, they should let the merchants provide cross-sections showing the structural profiles of their products to understand the real materials of the students.

2: Listen to the pulley vibration

The sliding door has two sets of upper and lower pulleys. The upper pulley plays a guiding and educational role, because it can be installed in the upper track, consumers often do not pay attention to it when purchasing. Deshi Sliding Door China Economic Region Information Technology Research Director mainly introduces In other words, the structural design of a good upper pulley system is relatively complicated. Not only is there a bearing inside, but we also have an aluminum block to fix the two wheels, so that it has a directional movement and slides smoothly, almost no noise is generated. Consumers should not choose when choosing It is misunderstood that the sliding door is as slippery and lighter as possible when sliding. In fact, the high-quality sliding door should have a certain self-weight when sliding, smooth and without social vibration.

3: Pick the track height

When the design of the product directly affects the comfort of tracking and the age is reasonable, consumers should choose to buy a good foot feel, but also conducive to a fresh style. At the same time, in order to ensure that the elderly and children at home, the track height is not greater than 5mm As well. Aluminum alloy doors and windows The doors and windows made of aluminum alloy extruded profiles as frames, stiles and fans are called aluminum alloy doors and windows, or aluminum doors and windows for short.

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