How to choose anti-theft doors and windows

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How to choose anti-theft doors and windows


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Anti-theft doors and windows are becoming more and more popular with consumers. How to choose doors and windows with good quality, low price and reliable quality has become the most concerned issue for users.

1. The system window adopts thermal insulation broken bridge aluminum profile and hollow glass, which has the functions of energy saving, sound insulation, noise prevention, dustproof and waterproof. Look at the material and let the manufacturer provide samples or door corners. The wall thickness of the profile can be measured from the material section. Genuine profile wall thickness 3.0mm, ordinary profile only 1.3-1.5mm corner connector thickness 10.0mm, ordinary aluminum door connector is only 3-5mm thick.

2. Look at the authentic appearance, fine workmanship, smooth surface, no obvious scratches, and seamless corners. The surface of the product is sandblasted electrophoresis silver white (or other spray colors), with high gloss, corrosion resistance and scrub resistance. It can continue to fade for decades. The surface of the imitation material is generally coated with alumina, which has a poor texture.

3. Genuine parts are made of exquisite workmanship, installation and positioning are accurate, and there is no deviation. In particular, the door closers of key door accessories of KFC are selected from medium and high-end products of foreign brands, and the counterfeit products are mostly low-end products of domestic or imported models.

4. Genuine after-sales service has a free warranty period of more than three years and promises lifelong maintenance. Some counterfeit products are not available.

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