Four principles to be followed in the design of home windows

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Four principles to be followed in the design of home windows


Windows must not only bring sufficient light and broad views to the interior, but the number, orientation, and shape will also affect the house in Feng Shui, so how to design windows is particularly important for everyone who loves home life, editor Here are a few principles that should be followed.

1. The number of windows should be moderate
Windows can ensure the free circulation of air inside and outside the home, but if there are too many windows, it will disturb the peaceful atmosphere, and home life is easy to be tense and difficult to relax. On the contrary, if there are too few windows, the internal energy will be depressed, and it will not be able to spit out the old and accept the new, which is not good for the health of the residents. french doors to replace sliding glass doors cost
2, the size of the window should be moderate
Large windows in the living room or bedroom can easily lead to internal air leakage. In summer, too much sunlight and heat will enter the room, and in winter, the heat in the house will be quickly lost. You should install curtains or other shelters.
Although the windows should not be too large, they should not be too small. A house with too small windows will give people a sense of stubbornness, and the occupants will also become narrow and withdrawn and introverted. double hinged patio doors

3. The height of the windows should be moderate
The height of the top of the window must exceed the height of most occupants. This can increase the occupants’ confidence and tolerance, and they will also feel extra relaxed when looking at the scenery outside the window.folding glass pantry doors

4. The shape of the window
The most common window shapes are square windows, arch windows, and round windows. Round or arched windows give people a sense of tranquility and tranquility like a church, and are suitable for installation in bedrooms, porches and lounges; square windows give a feeling of invigorating affirmation, and are suitable for use in restaurants and workplaces. Generally, the best results can be obtained if the two types of windows can be used in a moderate mixture.

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