Doors and windows are most likely to produce neglected points

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Doors and windows are most likely to produce neglected points

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Doors and windows are already standard products for decoration doors and windows, but there are many door and window brands and many manufacturers on the market, resulting in a large difference in product prices and uneven workmanship. In addition, many consumers only pay attention to the price and ignore the workmanship and installation of the doors and windows. Many consumers feel that they regret buying on doors and windows.

Just look at the cheap price and ignore the configuration of the company’s products

When many consumers ask about doors and windows, the first question is the price. As soon as you hear the price of your doors and windows are so high, they hang up, or wait for your quotation and then consider, the result is nothing below.. Doors and windows are a processing industry with a lot of costs. They are all very transparent, and there are no high-profit profiteering products, so it is the right name to say that a product with a price of a penny is good to buy or not, expensive, and cheap without good products. This is the correct name.

Consumers should start from the price of the product, when buying hardware configuration screens for doors and windows, when glass, installation, etc., taking into account after-sales service, under the same brand with the same price and the same configuration, we have a comparative advantage to work for manufacturers. You have to shop around and compare under the same circumstances. Otherwise, the price will be cheaper, and the product materials that cut corners will appear, and the comparison will outweigh the gains in the end.

First of all, you need to consider the brand of door and window companies. If the original aluminum material is more durable, the thickness of some aluminum materials must reach at least the national standard of 1.4mm. This is the country's standard design requirements for aluminum alloy structural materials for building exterior windows. The development of branded door and window engineering materials will meet our social conditions. If it is a non-brand aluminum material, it is not guaranteed. This is the minimum requirement.

Second is the hardware brand. It is better to choose imported brand hardware for home doors and windows. I don’t believe in the so-called original hardware of the merchants. This does not exist. Aluminum brands only produce door and window profiles, not hardware. All hardware, hardware, conch hardware, etc. are counterfeit The product is made by the door and window factory looking for its own small factory, and the market price is also tens of yuan.

Ignore the pros and cons of heat insulation strips

Many corporate customers will forget to look at the advantages and disadvantages of heat insulation strips when purchasing and door and window products. The more common heat insulation strips on the market are PA66 nylon strips and PVC. Some research small-scale building door and window material processing plants use PVC. The heat insulation strip, you can use a lighter to burn it. Let's try it. The PA66 nylon strip that can continue to burn after leaving the lighter is the PVC strip that is extinguished.

But 99% of customers don’t know how we can distinguish the material of the heat insulation strips. Anyway, they are all black, and consumers can’t see it. This can lead to the proliferation of PVC heat insulation strips in the Chinese market, which can directly reduce The service life of doors and windows and the effect of thermal insulation are improved.

If we consumers really don’t know how to identify heat insulation strips, how should we choose doors and windows? I suggest that small white companies of doors and windows can choose Phoenix aluminum doors and windows based on them, because Phoenix aluminum aluminum is the only manufacturer in the domestic market that does not have its own heat insulation strips. This is something that door and window manufacturers cannot fake.