Daily maintenance and inspection of plastic steel doors and windows

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Daily maintenance and inspection of plastic steel doors and windows

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Plastic-steel doors and windows are the same as the management system design doors and windows, and the maintenance requirements are the same as those of the system through doors and windows.

However, plastic steel doors and windows are resistant to acids and alkalis and can be cleaned with ordinary detergents such as soapy water. However, because the surface of plastic doors and windows is not abrasion-resistant, you need to pay special attention not to scratch yourself, and not to stain with gasoline, banana water and other solvents.

It must also be able to prevent being sprinkled by boiling water and being exposed to high temperature deformation. In the process of use and clean development, you can push and pull the bottom frame of doors and windows, and do not step on them or hit them with hard objects such as knives and hammers.

In addition to routine maintenance after installation, Bian Xiao reminds everyone that inspection after installation is also necessary. After the doors and windows are installed, you generally need to check the following five aspects:

1. Whether there are cracks in the welding seam of the door and window frame and the fan.

2. Whether there is obvious deformation, warping, or sagging of the flat sash between the door and window sashes.

3. Check or whether the sealing strips and leather strips have shrinkage, deformation, or gaps.

4. The hardware accessories are damaged, damaged or tight.

5. Whether the drainage hole is unobstructed.

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