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customized aluminium windows
1. Factors affecting the airtight performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows

1. Whether the overlap of aluminum alloy door and window frame fans can meet the technical requirements of the enterprise.

As shown in Figure 2, the length of the airtight waterproof tape and brush strip meets the requirements, regardless of its quality standards.

3. When purchasing an inner fan window, pay attention to whether the airtight rubber strip is the same length as the lower branch of the inner fan, whether the brush strip is lint or down, and whether the glass metal bead is fixed to the same length as the glass.

The air tightness standard of aluminum alloy doors and windows can be divided into 3 levels, air tightness 2m3/hr.m2 air tightness 8m3/hr.. square meters; air tightness 30 cubic meters/hour. The lower the gas density, the better, indicating that the gas is less likely to leak into the room.

2. Recommendations for selection criteria

1. Noisy area

For construction companies around intersections, railway roads, airports, markets, etc., where noise is more complex, the system airtightness design level is 2m3/hr. Aluminum alloy and doors and windows below m2.

2. General area

Ordinary apartment houses, construction communities, hospitals, factories, schools and other buildings can adopt air-tightness level of 8m3/hr.. Below are m2 aluminum doors and windows.

3. Quiet area

The air tightness level of 30m3/hr can be used in quieter areas of suburbs and rural houses. Aluminum alloy doors and windows below m2.

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