Attention should be paid to the acceptance of doors and windows

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Attention should be paid to the acceptance of doors and windows

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In terms of design, construction and installation details, there are defects of varying degrees, and the problem is currently facing the general housing owners. If these problems cannot be discovered and rectified in time, the owners will cause trouble and use future ones. Today, the acceptance of doors and windows is easily overlooked when three hot issues are summarized for the owners' doors and windows.

1. The size of doors and windows is out of specification

The structure of the preliminary research and design is unreasonable, and it is often difficult to rectify in the later period, which will also bring inconvenience to the owner's future study and living environment. For example, door and window design has a strict control requirement in standard management, but in the process of home inspection, it was discovered that there are some doors and windows in real estate that did not meet the requirements for teaching design, which left problems for the owner's later decoration or life. Relevant work details that should be paid attention to in the acceptance of doors and windows

2. There is no drain on the bottom frame of doors and windows

Another outstanding design defect is that the bottom frame of doors and windows is not equipped with drains. This problem has appeared in many real estates in my country. If it is not discovered and rectified in time, when it rains, rainwater seeps into the bottom frame of the door and window, and cannot be discharged in time and effectively. This will cause accumulated water to corrode the door and window frame and shorten the service life of the door and window.

3. No drip line on the top of the window

Some doors and windows have special construction requirements and must be in place according to construction regulations. If it is on the outer edge of the window, a good drip pipe is required to prevent rainwater from flowing into the window sill or indoor wall. However, during the room inspection, we found that many buildings had water seepage in the room because the window sills did not have the required drip line. If it is not corrected in time, in a rainy day in the future, the rain will enter the room along the edge of the window, and the wall is damp for a long time, and moldy hair is inevitable.