Aluminum doors and windows hollow glass fogging

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Aluminum doors and windows hollow glass fogging


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Someone will ask the question, the hollow glass doors and windows in the home have only been used for two or three years, why does it seem to be "fog" inside?

If the edge of an insulating glass is not tightly sealed, it will affect our insulating glass and door and window enterprises and may "fog". Therefore, when purchasing aluminum alloy doors and windows, we must pay attention to the selected insulating glass. The insulating glass must meet the requirements of our own country; the sealant must be of high quality. The good glass sealant includes the special structural glue for the curtain wall system, etc.

The role of desiccant:

1. Absorb the moisture sealed in an air;
2. Absorb volatile organic solvents;
3. The water vapor absorbed by the enterprise into the air layer during the forecast period of the insulating glass service life. In summary, we already know the role of desiccant. If the hollow glass is mainly used for fogging, what should we do and how to choose a desiccant?

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